Tips For Using The Dani Johnson Script Book

Published: 10th February 2009
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Who is Dani Johnson, anyways?

Dani Johnson is one of the most well known stories to come out of the world of Network Marketing. A broke cocktail waitress - living homeless with only $2.03 to her name, Dani Johnson had just lived through her husband stealing everything she had and running off to another country with all of her money. Homeless, broke and destitute of every success she had ever had, she started a distributorship in the Home Business industry off of borrowed money.

In 10 hours, she had made nearly $2000. That year, from a business she started out of a car and a pay-phone, she pulled in more than $250,000 in profit and has since gone on to be one of the most remarkable leaders in the history of Network Marketing.

What is the Script Book I've heard so much talk about?

Dani is by far the best recruiter that I have ever heard in the Home Business world. She is one of those 'prodigy' business owners that have a skill level that almost seems unnatural because it is so comprehensive. Dani Johnson's Script Book is a collection of phrases, concepts, and techniques that allowed her to sponsor 30-100 people every month into her company.

In the Script Book, there are two audio training CD's that come along in the package that explain the techniques, principles, and strategies you need to know when using the Dani Johnson scripts.

In the CD's, you get to hear Dani Johnson personally role playing with several people using her own scripts, and it helps to understand the tone and posture that should be in your voice while recruiting.

What principles drive the Dani Johnson Script Book?

Dani's techniques are driven by the same ideas that create all relationship-recruiting processes.

She focuses on building a strong rapport with her prospects and finding out what key factors they are looking for in an opportunity. She then drives the entire recruiting process around the core elements that her prospect already told her they wanted.

So Dani Johnson has a personal, heart felt, one on one approach that draws out the dreams, ambitions, and desires of the prospect. She creates this by asking heart felt questions, making people feel appreciated, and genuinely being interested in what the other person is saying.

What are some of the advantages to using the Dani Johnson Script Book?

There are both some advantages and disadvantages to using the Dani Johnson script book that you need to consider before you decide to base your business recruiting off of these strategies.

The advantages are many. If you use the script book, you have a simple guide to judge your recruiting mistakes by, and it allows for tremendous feedback and improvement in the sponsoring process.

The script book gives you a good idea of what you should and should not say if you really want to be a sponsoring dynamo in this industry. Also, the Dani Johnson techniques are proven through thousands of testimonials to be effective in helping people even with no previous success to recruit like crazy.

There are also some strong disadvantages to using the Dani Johnson script book, however. You might not enjoy reading a script when you are on the phone. You also might just plain not enjoy the Dani Johnson recruiting methods, or the way she talks to people.

For a period of time in my business, I had a lot of people in my team using the Dani Johnson script book. While it certainly was successful for those who were good with it, it actually made some people worse at recruiting because the process was so 'against their grain.' In short, the script book is definitely not the solution for everyone, while it certainly provides effective strategies for certain people.

The other thing to consider if you want to work with Dani's script book is where you buy your leads.

The script book certainly does work for those who are trained and practice a great deal with it. However still need quality prospects to talk to. Most MLM trainers would recommend that you purchase leads from lead vendors and 'cold-call' them. Working with purchased leads can be frustrating, expensive, and a poor use of time unless you are a 'Ninja' at recruiting.

The most effective strategy in today's market is using the strategies of 'Attraction Marketing' to generate your own prospects. That way they know who you are and are expecting your call. Those people much more easy to recruit, and it takes less time and is easier for your team to learn.

Consider creating a strong, simple and effective attraction marketing system into your business - you'll be on your way to recruiting more distributors faster than you ever have dreamed possible!


David Wood is a Network Marketing (MLM) 'Guru' who has some of the most successful clients of all time. For more information about his business and how you can join, Click Here.

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